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NESE offers University Placement Services (NUPS) to NESE students who plan to study at US Colleges and Universities. Students who have used NESE's services have studied at the colleges and universities below, among many others.

How Can NESE Help Me Enter an American University?

University Acceptance Without TOEFL®

NESE has special relationships with a number of universities and colleges in the Boston area and across the United States. These relationships permit NESE students to apply and be accepted to a college or university without taking the official TOEFL® Exam (and in many cases without taking the SAT® or GMAT®). Depending on the individual university or college, there are two ways in which NESE students can replace the official TOEFL® Exam.


  • Complete NESE’s highest level (or the NESE level required by the university or college of your choice) or
  • Receive the score required by the university or college of your choice on NESE’s Institutional TOEFL® (offered free to full-time NESE students each session).
NESE’s Conditional Acceptance Program

In addition to accepting NESE students without an official TOEFL® score, many of NESE’s special relationship colleges and universities offer a “Conditional Acceptance” program. As the name of the program states, the acceptance is “conditional”; NESE students are accepted on the condition that they raise their English level to meet the university’s or college’s requirement before starting their academic courses. Completing NESE’s highest level or taking NESE’s Institutional TOEFL® Exam usually fulfills this requirement.

A Conditional Acceptance means that you can be accepted into one of NESE’s special relationship colleges or universities before you have attained that university’s required English level - or even before leaving your home country. This acceptance also means that you can know which university you will be attending - even before you start your English course at NESE.

What is the CLA and Why Do I Need It?

The CLA (Conditional Letter of Acceptance) is a letter from an American college or university that states that when you complete your English language requirements at NESE, and can fulfill all other academic requirements for admission, you will be accepted when you apply. Students who have been conditionally accepted by an American college or university find it helpful to have this letter when interviewing for their student visa.

The goal of NUPS is to make sure that your individual needs and abilities match those required by the academic institution of your choice and that you have support, help, and guidance throughout the entire application process. NESE’s years of experience in university advising means that it will be easier to apply - and be accepted - to a program of your choice. NESE's (NUPS) services and the range of workshops, courses, and programs that are offered at NESE, have helped NESE students continue their studies at many area universities. Examples include:

  • Harvard University (adjacent to NESE)
  • University of California/Berkley (San Francisco)
  • MIT (2 kilometers from NESE)
  • RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
  • Boston University (4 kilometers from NESE)
  • Michigan State University
  • Northeastern University (4 kilometers from NESE)
  • Syracuse University (New York)
  • Suffolk University (4 kilometers from NESE)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Maryland)

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