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Nese English Courses for Students
Nese - Courses divided by level
Nese - Courses Divided by age
Because the School Offers Different Levels for Different Skills (for example):
  • Level 6 for Grammar, Level 6 for Speaking & Listening, and Level 6 for Reading & Writing
  • Level 6 for Grammar, Level 4 for Speaking & Listening, and Level 5 for Reading & Writing
  • Level 6 for Grammar, Level 8 for Speaking & Listening, and Level 8 for Reading & Writing
Because the School Provides Housing Choices
  • Homestays for students who want the support and experience of living with an American family
  • Dormitories for students who want to live independently - (Dormitories also divided by age groups)
Because the School Maintains Specific Student Areas Inside NESE
  • A student lounge ideally designed for students’ relaxation, with lockers, couches, and a jumbo screen TV
  • A large computer lounge for students
  • In addition to the above, NESE offers an intensive TOEFL® Preparation course, a Univeristy Preparation course, and the Institutional TOEFL® Exam each session.
Because the School Knows the Importance of Having Different Age Groups for Different Classes(1)
  • All students are placed into 1 of 10 levels in each subject
  • Each subject is also sub-divided according to age
  • Students study with other students of similar ages
  • Students are taught by instructors who specialize in their age group
Because the School Offers a Range of Activity Choices
  • Day Trips
  • Weekend Trips
  • Student-Centered Clubs
Because of NESE’s University Placement Services (NUPS)
  • Extensive educational counseling
  • A university resource library
  • Numerous workshops to help students plan their future studies in the United States
  • Special relationships with many universities, which accept qualified NESE students for admission without the often stressful requirement of an Official TOEFL score.
Nese - Complete Linguistic and Cultural Immersion
Complete Linguistic and Cultural Immersion

At NESE, students learn more than just language; they learn American culture as well. Students are required to have textbooks for classes, and will be given homework from them, but they should be prepared for much more. In class, they will read newspapers and magazines, watch DVDs, role-play, do exercises in the computer lab, and interview Americans. NESE also adheres to an English-only policy at the school, which further immerses students in the language day to day and moment to moment. Because NESE's intensive program exposes students to American language and culture, students are given access to the fastest language learning possible.

You Know That NESE Is a Great School:

Because the School Was Founded and Is Managed by Educators

NESE recognizes that students have needs and goals that are different from those of professionals. Further, no two students are alike, each having his own unique learning style, purposes, strengths, and weaknesses.

Because recognizing and working with these individual differences is what NESE specializes in, students at NESE feel especially well supported.

Choosing the Right Program for You

Intensive Program

9:00 to 3:15 Five Days per Week

NESE’s 10-level Intensive Program is ideal for students who want to maximize their learning opportunity in the United States. The program is challenging and students progress rapidly. Each class lasts for 90 minutes with no scheduled breaks, providing students with one of the most intensive programs that exists. Students are expected to be on time for class, do their homework, and speak English whenever they are on the school premises.

Semi-Intensive Program

9:00 to 12:30 Five Days per Week

NESE’s 10-level Semi-Intensive Program is ideal for students who would like to improve their English but are equally interested in other aspects of life in the United States. Because this program lasts only half a day, students have time to travel and explore other interests. NESE students participating in the Semi-Intensive Program have full access to all NESE facilities, such as the choice of a dormitory or homestay accommodation, weekend trips, student clubs, and unlimited free access to e-mail and the Internet. Students participating in this program are also welcome to spend their out-of-class time using NESE’s academic facilities in order to study, listen to English-training CDs, or watch videos at NESE.

(1) Footnote:

If there are only a very few students in a class, the class will not be divided by age.

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