About NESE

About NESE

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Why is NESE so loved by its students?


Alice Macedo
Student, Brazil

Gulnara Ilyassova
Lawyer, Kazakhstan

"At NESE I made friends not only among the students, but also among the amazing staff. These amazing people made me feel welcome, and made me happy every day!"

"NESE is the best school of best schools!!! If you are interested in studying English and applying to graduate or undergraduate programs at a university, then NESE provides a great opportunity to do that!”

Eva Du
Dermatologist, China

Bander Alnogaithan
Lawyer, Saudi Arabia

"Students at NESE easily take participate in some events at nearby Universities because of the great location in Harvard Square."

"I have already recommended and will continue to recommend NESE to any students who want a wonderful English learning experience!"

Alex Sandro Dos Santos Bastos
IT Professional, Brazil

Ece Gundogan,
 Civil Engineering Student, Turkey

"NESE provides the best combination in an efficient education system: dedicated teachers who have excellent knowledge and an administrative team whose main goal is to help you."

"The teachers and administration are so nice and patient. There is no reason to feel nervous at NESE because they are warm and welcoming".

Karem Ivette Lora Kesie,
 Lawyer, Colombia

Heinz Hawreliuk,
 Businessman, Germany

NESE has also been recognized by other educational institutions because of its excellence in English language instruction. One such example is illustrated below by the correspondence sent to NESE’s Director, Martha Hall.

Dear Martha,

Greetings! My name is Molly Young, and I am the Assistant Director for International Affairs at Cambridge College. I am writing to you today to let you know how very impressed I have been with the staff, faculty, and overall operation of the New England School of English in Harvard Square.

We had a student in Fall 2013 who came to us with exceedingly poor English. He had been passed along to us by another ESL program, and was facing a full-time semester of undergraduate courses. We helped him apply to NESE and transfer so that he could improve his English before attempting our courses.

When he returned to us 8 months later, having studied full-time with NESE for those 8 months, he spoke beautiful, clear English. He has no trouble understanding what I or his professors say to him, and he can engage in comfortable conversation without difficulty.

This set the stage for this Fall term (2014). We had a group of Chinese students come to our program, supposedly with sufficient English proficiency. This was not the case. Based on the previous student’s success, we decided to recommend NESE to this group as well.

NESE provided us with unprecedented support, sending us applications in Chinese language (so the students did not struggle with completing the apps), processing the applications very quickly, and welcoming the students with a well-organized and friendly Orientation on their first day.

Half of that group is now, after five months of study, ready to begin our academic courses, and the rest of the group should be ready for our courses this summer. Lindsay Costa has been my primary contact for all of these students, and she has been just marvelous: her patience and organization are an absolute blessing, and have made this entire experience so much more positive than I was afraid it would be.

I am so pleased that we have such a wonderful institution so close to Cambridge College. I look forward to recommending NESE to my students and their friends/family members in the future.

Warm regards,

Molly Elise Young, M.Ed.

Assistant Director, International Affairs

PDSO, International Student Office

Cambridge College

“Studying English at NESE was one of the best professional, academic, and personal experiences that I have ever had."

"I will tell you, if you want to learn English, it is a good idea to learn English at NESE. You get what you want."

NESE's "Love Letters"

Since it was founded in 1990, NESE has consistently received wonderful feedback from students, families, and companies that have chosen to study with us. Every year, we are delighted to receive lovely messages from our students who return home, not only with better English skills, but also with

great new life experiences, new friends and new prospects for their future. We call these messages  “NESE's Love Letters”, and we have published some of them here as a way of saying, “thank-you" to our students for their warm appreciation of NESE, its staff, and its teachers.

The NESE's "Love Letters"

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