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Before Your Arrival at NESE
After Your Arrival at NESE

NESE University Placement Services (NUPS) provides you with the following:

  • A careful analysis of your educational goals and needs
  • A recommended list of colleges and universities that meet these identified goals and needs
  • Assistance in completing the application forms for each college and university
  • Coordination of receipt of a Conditional Letter of Acceptance, if one is needed
  • Liaison service between you and each university during every part of your application and the university’s decision process f. Ongoing and extensive counseling regarding all aspects of studying in the United States

Please, follow these simple steps:


From your home country, you will contact NESE’s University Counselor ([email protected]) to request a NUPS registration form.


NESE’s University Counselor will evaluate your needs and goals and help you to identify universities and colleges that meet your criteria.


NESE will provide you with an application form for each university or college to which you will apply and offer you guidance and assistance throughout the application process via phone and e-mail.


When your applications are finished, you will send them to NESE’s University Counselor who will review them to ensure that they are accurate and complete.


After conducting a final review of your applications, NESE’s University Counselor will forward your applications to each university on your behalf.


NESE’s University Counselor will provide liaison service between you and each university for all aspects of your application and the university’s decision process.

Although many NESE students take advantage of NESE University Placement Services (NUPS) before they leave their home countries, others prefer to wait until they are at NESE to prepare for entrance to college or university in the United States. NESE, therefore, provides students with a range of courses, workshops, and programs to give them an advantage when applying to the schools of their choice.

NESE University Counseling Services

University Counselor

As a NESE student, you are welcome to make appointments with NESE’s University Counselor as often as you would like. During these appointments, you can learn about the American education system, discuss your academic goals, and receive help identifying schools to which you wish to apply. You can also use your appointments to review your completed applications.

University Resource Library

A resource library containing hundreds of current university catalogs and guides and a large computer database of American colleges are available for your use at NESE. In addition, you will find many guides and practice tests for standardized exams such as GMAT®, GRE®, SAT®, and LSAT®.

Information Meetings with University Admissions Staff

University admissions officers are always interested in visiting NESE to meet with students and to answer their questions. As a result, NESE regularly holds university and college information sessions, and invites many different schools to each session. Both college fairs and individual college visits provide students with an ideal opportunity to learn more about their academic options and to ask university representatives detailed questions.

Attendance at University Classes

Local universities and colleges welcome advanced-level NESE students to their courses. These courses provide students with an ideal opportunity to experience American university life, improve their English, and make American friends. Harvard University, located just across the street from NESE, provides a perfect opportunity for advanced-level students to take evening courses at its Extension School. (Please check individual universities and colleges for their specific schedules and costs.)

”Which University?” Workshops

These free workshops are held several times each year. Each workshop helps students choose which universities to apply to from the thousands that exist in the United States. Students also learn how to identify all the criteria that will be important to them at a college or university in the United States and how to identify which schools best match their needs and abilities.

“The Application Process” Workshops

These free workshops are also held several times each year. Each workshop focuses on the detailed process of applying to college, university, or graduate school in the United States. A special emphasis is placed on writing the application essay, which, in the United States, is a critically important part of a student’s application.

NESE University Preparation Courses & Exams

Intensive TOEFL® Preparation

This course offers students a great deal of flexibility, allowing them to design a program ideally suited to their specific needs. Students can enroll in NESE’s Intensive TOEFL® course for as little as one month or for as many as 6 months. In addition, as NESE’s Intensive TOEFL® course is divided into two main skill areas - reading & writing and speaking & listening, students can concentrate on just the particular area of the Paper Based TOEFL® (PBT), the Computer Based TOEFL® (CBT), or the Internet Based TOEFL® (iBT) exam that they need to improve the most. (Completion of Level 7 or Initial Placement in Level 8 required)



Intensive Academic Reading & Writing

NESE’s Reading & Writing classes are designed to teach students to express themselves well by writing both grammatically and logically. Teachers help students learn how to write academically, as well as creatively, while providing them with constant and supportive feedback. The reading component of these classes introduces students to increasingly sophisticated, authentic materials while engaging them in lively discussions of content, style, and vocabulary. By teaching students to focus on reading skills such as skimming, scanning, and guessing from context, NESE prepares students to read and write at a level that will ensure their success at an American university or college.

University Preparation

This course teaches students how to research and write technical papers, theses, and dissertations to a standard expected by United States universities. Students also learn how to use the American university library system in order to be able to conduct academic research independently.


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