About NESE

About NESE

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The New England School of English


The NESE Philosophy Includes:

  • A commitment to excellence in the classroom
  • The provision of a challenging and stimulating curriculum
  • A recognition that each student arrives at NESE with his own unique abilities, needs, and goals, all of which are critical to his success
  • An understanding of the importance of a warm and supportive learning environment
  • A belief in each student’s ability to succeed
  • An appreciation of the power and value of kindness and compassion
  • An awareness that language learning is incomplete without an understanding of the culture within which the language is used (1)
  • An aspiration to create an extraordinary opportunity to learn English

Special Characteristics of NESE Include:

Only One Location - Intentionally
Respect for All

There is only one NESE (in Harvard Square) because as educators, we understand that schools are singular and wondrous environments, and need to be treated as such. By keeping all operations in the same location, we are best able to provide our students with the highest standard of education possible. Of course, educational research demonstrates the importance of a dynamic and present head of school, and with only one location, NESE’s founder takes responsibility - and ensures - NESE’s high standards on a daily basis.

NESE students, teachers, and staff come from over 100 countries. They belong to every major religion, almost every ethnic group, and have all levels of ability and disability. Despite great differences between us, NESE remains committed to more than simply teaching English; we have always been - and will always remain - committed to lessening hatred, intolerance, and discrimination against everyone. When students finish their studies at NESE, they leave not only convinced that their English has improved, but also convinced that we are all part of one human race, united by our respect for one another.

In sum, the founder’s goal was to create a school that is guided by its commitment to excellence in the classroom, its belief in each student’s ability to succeed, its recognition that each student’s specific needs and goals are critical to his success, its confidence in the power of kindness and compassion, and its respect for all people. In other words, her goal was to provide the best in English language and culture training and to create an extraordinary opportunity to learn English.


 We are happy to provide you with two small examples:

  1. Although in the United States, it is perfectly grammatically correct to say, “Teacher, can you help me”, it is not how a native speaker would speak.  Instead we always use the person’s name.  Thus, “John, can you help me” is required.
  2. Further in England, this sentence would still be considered inappropriate because in England “please” is used very often. Thus, although it is considered correct to say,  “John, can you help me” in the United States, in England, it is necessary to say,  “Sir, can you help me please”.

A Philosophy That Makes NESE Both Distinctive and Remarkable

The New England School of English was founded by an educator with an intentional philosophy, a philosophy that drives every aspect of NESE, guiding its day-to-day events and creating a special atmosphere throughout the school.

Students note this atmosphere from their first attentive pre-arrival correspondence to the warm welcome they receive when arriving

at their NESE housing to their experiences in their classes and activities all the way through to their tearful goodbyes when they leave the school.

It is this atmosphere combined with NESE's high academic standards that students consistently cite as making the school both distinctive and remarkable.

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