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Nese - Private Instruction
How Much Does Private Instruction Cost?

Private Instruction costs $90.00/hour.


What Happens If I Cancel?

If you cancel your Private Instruction within seven days or less of your start date, you will be charged for two hours of Private Instruction time ($180.00). After you have begun your Private Instruction, NESE requires 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a private lesson. If you must cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged for the missed classes.


Who Will My Instructor Be?

Your teacher will be an experienced instructor especially chosen to help you meet your particular goals. Some NESE instructors also teach group classes and some teach private classes only.

Should I Also Take Group Classes?

NESE strongly recommends that students take a combination of group lessons and private classes. In doing so, you will gain the most from two academic environments and have opportunities to use your English in two settings.


How Many Hours a Day Should I Have Private Instruction?

NESE suggests that students take no more than six hours a day of Private Instruction. More than six hours per day can often exhaust students and may slow the learning process.


Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

NESE will always provide you with the best teacher available. Please tell us as much about yourself and your goals as possible when you complete the Tutoring Application Form. When you arrive at NESE, you must take the NESE placement exam so that NESE can make sure that your private instructor knows your exact level and can plan your private lessons accordingly.

If you would like to arrange private classes, please download the Tutoring Application here and send it to: [email protected]

What Is Private Instruction?

Private Instruction is one-on-one instruction that gives you the opportunity to focus on your specific goals, for example an introduction to English business  terminology, intensive TOEFL instruction, or perhaps your very first lessons in English. Within the framework of private lessons, you will gain intensive training and practice in your specifically defined areas, while

receiving on-going correction and feedback. Because you will be the only student, you will have 100% of your teacher’s attention at all times, and he will become an expert in your English - and will therefore be able to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

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