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NESE’s Personalized Language Acquisition Method


Please find below, the four steps that comprise this method:


​Because NESE recognizes that everyone has different learning styles, goals, and challenges, the school places a great emphasis on working with these differences in order to maximize learning. For example, the results of the placement test might indicate that you can speak better than you can write. As a result, you will be placed into a higher level for speaking and a lower level for writing, and you will only progress to the next level - in each separate skill - when you and your teacher determine that it is in your best interest to do so - allowing you to move through NESE’s 10 levels at your own individualized pace. NESE ’s ability to adapt its teaching and its curriculum to create an individualized program for each student is critical to the academic success of all NESE students, and one of the reasons that NESE has such a strong reputation.




Individualized Pace





When a student first arrives at NESE, he is given a complete assessment to determine his levels in all the skill areas. Although each student is placed into the academic level that will provide him with the fastest learning possible, NESE realizes that this placement is not enough. As a result, all classes at NESE are also subdivided according to age. This division means that a professional at NESE will have classmates who are similar to him: professionals who want to study in a serious environment that are tailored to their specific needs. Likewise younger NESE students will also be placed into classes that cater to the different needs and challenges faced by a younger person living away from home.





NESE’s Skills Assessment





Although NESE's Placement Test is an externally validated, accurate, and comprehensive tool, as with any placement test, results need to be considered in terms of an individual's unique circumstances. For example, if a student lacks confidence, a conversation with the Academic Director would take place to determine whether it is in his advantage to move to a lower level. Likewise, a student who finds one of his classes too easy could discuss his objectives with his teacher and NESE's Academic Director and, as a result, he may be moved to a higher level - despite his initial lower level placement. The Academic Director’s - and the Director's - office doors are always open. NESE and its students share the same goal: maximizing learning.




On-Going Level Reevaluation





Whether you want to discuss your class levels, your housing or even practical matters such as renting a car or finding a dentist, NESE staff are here to help. The philosophy of NESE is to provide an intellectually challenging program of the highest quality in a warm and supportive environment. It is not possible, however, to excel in such an environment unless you feel supported and cared for outside - as well as inside - the classroom. At NESE, we are here for you.




Open-Door Advising




At NESE, our principal objective is to ensure the academic success of all NESE students by creating an environment that maximizes each student's opportunity for learning.

Great schools enable all students, whatever their academic ability, to achieve their best. Great schools also encourage all students to develop their strengths. Thus, in addition to NESE’s focus on offering the highest quality courses and the most skilled teachers, we believe that in order to really understand and help every student reach his goals, we must go further. For this reason, NESE developed the NESE Personalized Language Acquisition Method, a system that recognizes

each student as an individual person, with his own distinct learning style, needs, and goals.

Regardless of his level, culture, age, or unique needs, NESE’s Personalized Language Acquisition Method provides the support that each student needs in order to learn English and understand American culture as quickly and effectively as possible.

NESE’s Personalized Language Acquisition Method

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