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NESE Extra-curricular Activities

Meeting Americans

One of the questions we most frequently hear is "How can I meet Americans?" NESE understands that you have chosen to study English in the United States because meeting Americans and experiencing their way of life and culture is as important to you as learning English. From "on the street" interviews to our guest speaker and community volunteer programs, NESE has carefully designed its curriculum both to maximize your contact with Americans and to fully immerse you in their rich and diverse culture.

NESE - Student Clubs
Student Clubs

Clubs are typically teacher-led activities that meet once per week. Clubs vary each month. There is no charge to participate in a Club, and students are responsible for museum and event fees. Examples include:

  • Art History Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Café and Conversation Club
  • Cinema Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Dinner Club
  • Friday Night Club
  • History Club
  • Meditation Club
  • Movie Club
  • Museum Club
  • Open Talk Club
  • Ping Pong Club
  • Professionals Club
  • Shopping Club
  • Soccer Club
NESE - Guest Speaker Program
NESE - Language Partner Program
Guest Speaker Program

To further enhance NESE students contact with Americans and their culture, NESE regularly invites guest speakers to the school to talk about a wide variety of interesting topics. One of NESE's most popular lectures is by a group of Harvard students who present a conversation forum on American culture and current events. In this interactive exchange, everyone shares ideas, makes friends -  and uses English! Other popular lecturers include professionals in business, science, government, and the arts.

Language Partner Program

This program matches a NESE student with an American who is interested in learning the student’s native language. The student becomes a teacher of his native language, and in exchange, the American partner helps the student with his English. The Language Partner Program has become a very popular way for students to practice their conversation skills and meet Americans. Finding a partner usually takes 1-2 weeks. However, it can take longer depending on the student’s native language.

NESE Fitness Activities

NESE Students can use MIT’s Fitness Center
NESE Fitness Activities
NESE Students can use MIT’s Fitness Center

Meet and exercise with American students and professors.

With a NESE student ID card, students can use the Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus for only a small daily charge. MIT is one of the most famous universities in the United States, and NESE’s arrangement with MIT not only helps students stay in shape, but also helps them practice their English, with this opportunity to meet current American students. Located only one subway stop from NESE (and a short walk from Green Hall), the Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center is a top quality facility.

Zesiger facilities include:

A 50 meter pool with 25 lanes,treadmills, elliptical trainers, cycles, stair climbers, rowers, and nautilus equipment, courts to play basketball, volleyball, soccer, in-line skating, squash, and floor hockey, group exercise classes for water workouts, step aerobics, cycling, yoga, and cardiovascular workouts, CPR and first aid classes, and Personal trainers.

Special Membership at Boston Sports Clubs

Although all students at NESE, including NESE’s professionals, can join the MIT Fitness Center, NESE’s students have the additional option of joining Boston Sports Clubs.

Please note that although there is a fee to join Boston Sports Clubs, NESE's students are offered a special discount.

Activities for Professionals

After class, NESE offers professionals activities and trips to areas of interest.

NESE’s “Professionals Only” Club is one of the school's most popular activities. This club was designed to provide professionals with additional opportunities to meet classmates who share their interests, attend meetings, and visit local businesses. The club often attends lectures at Harvard University as well as social events in Boston.

NESE Trips

NESE Trips

NESE students are always amazed by the size and beauty of the whales on our whale-watching trips and the magnificence of the Mayflower on our trips to Plymouth Plantation (one of the first villages in the United States). They eagerly cheer the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics in town, and try snowboarding for the first time out-of-town at one of New England’s many popular ski resorts.

Trips Throughout the Boston Area

NESE regularly takes students on trips to Boston's museums, university lectures, theaters, and sporting events, as well as to the area's famous historical sites, and for tours of local businesses.

Weekend Trips

NESE frequently arranges weekend trips. Trips have included experiencing the excitement of Washington, D.C. and New York City in spring, visiting the beauty of Montréal, Canada in summer, and viewing the stunning polychromatic foliage in Acadia National Park in fall, and much more. On all these trips, students learn many things about the United States, its people, and the regional culture of New England.

NESE Weekend Trips

NESE Extra-curricular Activities

At NESE, we encourage you to discover new places, meet new people, and try new things. NESE’s Extra-curricular activities include our weekly movie party, club activities (such as NESE’s popular “Open Talk Club”(1)), NESE”s Language Partner program, and trips

to Boston’s museums, theaters, and sporting events, as well as excursions to the area’s famous historical sites, universities, and local organizations. NESE also arranges weekend trips to New York, Niagara Falls, and other popular spots.

(1) Footnote:

Samuel Odamah, NESE’s amazing and loved Open Talk Club leader, was recently named a “Harvard Hero”. This highest level honor is awarded to only .05 % of all eligible Harvard staff. Samuel was recognized for his outstanding work with international students. We encourage all of you to try this club, and you will immediately understand why Harvard chose him.

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