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Over-the-Hump-Wednesday Grammar & Idioms Lesson

October 9th, 2019


As your friendly grammar team was thinking about what to write this week, we started to talk about lunch, and we suddenly had our idea! Here in Harvard Square, surrounded by Harvard University's beautiful (and some not so beautiful) buildings, we have many choices for lunch.


















For example, across the street is a salad restaurant - it just sells salads - but, of course, we have pizza, hamburgers, vegetarian food, and in fact, almost everything that you can imagine. We hope that one day, you all can come - or come back - to Harvard Square, and experience for yourself the pleasure of being here.


We know many of you like multiple-choice quizzes. The answers are at the bottom.


















1. It's lunch time!

    a. I have hunger!

    b. I am having hunger!

    c. I am hungry!


2. To tell you the truth,

    a. my tummy (stomach) is crying. (to cry)

    b. my tummy (stomach) is talking. (to talk)

    c. my tummy (stomach) is grumbling. (to grumble)

    d. my tummy (stomach) is moaning. (to moan)



( answers 1. c, 2. c )



The NESE Grammar Team





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