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October 23rd, 2019















We imagine that many of you who follow the American news have been reading or hearing the phrase “quid pro quo” in relation to Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky. We are also aware that this event has presented some interesting idioms and vocabulary, and we wanted to help you “get the full scoop”. So, see how much you can understand by testing yourself with the following:

















1. As we tend to speak English (and not Latin) here in the United States, we wanted to first address “quid pro quo”. Does it mean:

     a. tit for tat

     b. mit for mat

     c. lit for lat


2. The "full scoop” means:

     a. a big serving of ice-cream

     b. a special shovel for snow

     c. the complete story


3. Trump was trying to "collect dirt” on Biden. Trump was trying to:

     a. collect support for Biden

     b. collect any information at all about Biden

     c. collect negative information about Biden


4. There was a discussion about military aid being "held up."

     a. delayed

     b. stopped

     c. delivered more quickly


5. Some people have accused the administration of “backtracking.

     a. giving members of the press a backache

     b. reversing what they previously said

     c. taking a back route to deliver information


Scroll down for the answers.




















(Answers: 1. a, 2. c, 3. c, 4. a, 5. b)



The NESE Grammar Team





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