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Over-the-Hump-Wednesday Grammar & Idioms Lesson

September 25th, 2019


As winter is not far away in the Northern Hemisphere, this week, we are going to give you two idioms about your health.


















Here in Massachusetts, we not only feel fall (autumn) approaching because the temperatures start to drop, but also we see hints of the stunning fall foliage that is about to fill our lives with beauty. However, that is not all we see that suggests that this is also a season of interesting idioms.


Here are two mini-quizzes for you appropriate to the season. Choose the correct answer. The correct answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. I don't feel well.

     a. I think that I am cold.

     b. I think that I feel cold.

     c. I think that I have a cold.

     d. I think that I have the cold.


2. Do you have a tissue?

     a. My nose is walking.

     b. My nose is leaking.

     c. My nose has liquid.

     d. My nose is running.




1: c

2: d



The NESE Grammar Team






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