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Over-the-Hump-Wednesday Grammar & Idioms Lesson

October 16th, 2019


















This week, we will take a break from idioms - except for "to take a break" - which we will get back to in a moment. Instead, we will give you a little mini-quiz about verb tenses - and then we will present what we thought we wouldn't present this week:

Which is correct? Scroll down to check your answer.


1. I moved to Boston 10 years ago.

    a. I have lived in Boston for 10 years.

    b. I have been living in Boston for 10 years.

    c. I have lived in Boston since 10 years.


2. I started to teach at NESE in 1990.

    a. I have worked at NESE since 1990.

    b. I have been working at NESE since 1990.

    c. I love working at NESE!


3. To take a break means:

    a. to break a bone in your body

    b. to pause what you are doing for a moment or two

    c. to do a type of dance called a break-dance


4. I will get back to you means:

    a. I am sorry but I need to turn my back towards you

    b. I will return to the topic we were discussing

    c. I will make sure you return my things

















( Answers: 1. a + b* 😃 2. a + b + c* 3. b 4. b )


*Some verbs in English can be used in the present perfect or the present perfect progressive. It makes no difference.



The NESE Grammar Team





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