New Colleges and Universities Have Joined “NESE Special Relationships” List.

NESE is very pleased to announce that 16 new colleges and universities have recently joined our “NESE Special Relationships” list- and the good news is that you don’t need an official TOEFL score to enter any of them! You just need to complete NESE’s highest level successfully or receive the required score on the NESE Institutional TOEFL, which is offered free to full-time NESE students every session (and, of course, meet all their other admissions requirements).

This is really very good news for NESE students who wish to pursue a degree program in the United States. Please always let us know if we can help you learn more about each of these schools, plan visits, or better understand the application process in the United States.

For more information on NESE University Placement Services (NUPS), please click here.

New Institutions on NESE Special Relationships List:

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