NESE Students Have Spoken...

June 6th, 2019

Dear NESE Community:


We are very very excited about our news! And - of course - we want to share it with you: For a number of years now NESE students have been asking us to start on-line courses, and... albeit slowly, it is actually happening! NESE's on-line classes have actually already started! We couldn't be happier!


As you all might know, NESE, Harvard Square was founded in 1990. For most of that time, I actually resisted taking NESE on-line simply because I believed that nothing could equal the power of teaching in a bricks and mortar classroom. I have always believed that the best teaching occurs through the personal (in-person) interaction between a teacher and her pupil, an interaction that enables us to demonstrate to a student that we believe in him and that we won't ever give up on him, that we will always cross the bridge and go to him - to lead him along the path to his own individual success. I have always believed that it is only through these relationships with our students that we are able to help them to be the best they can be.


How could this possibly occur on-line I thought? Well, I have come to discover that although the magic that a great teacher creates in a traditional classroom can't be recreated in exactly the same way on-line, because of what we at NESE have done to create NESE's on-line program, we have come as close as possible to replicating the magic of that traditional classroom. Every aspect of NESE On-Line will directly emulate NESE, Harvard Square, from the high quality of the teachers to the caliber of the curriculum - and the fun.


I am proud to say that NESE On-Line is not just another on-line program, but instead, a school, your school, NESE - that just happens to be on-line.


Click here for more information.


Anna Shine


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