NESE Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary!

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our wonderful journey, a journey that has led all of us who have been here to recognize the power of kindness and compassion towards our fellow man. And as many of you know, NESE students, teachers, and staff come from over 100 countries. We belong to every major religion, almost every ethnic group, and have all levels of ability and disability. Despite great differences between us, NESE remains committed to

more than simply teaching English; we have always been - and will always remain - committed to lessening hatred, intolerance, and discrimination against everyone. When students finish their studies at NESE, they leave not only convinced that their English has improved, but also convinced that we are all part of one human race, united by our respect for one another. Again, thank you for being part of this achievement,

Anna Shine - Founder & President of NESE

In June of this year, NESE turned 25 years old, and we thought that you might enjoy learning some facts about NESE through the ages:

  • There were only 11 students at NESE in its first session.
  • NESE started on the campus of Lasell College in Auburndale, a suburb just outside Boston.
  • Two months after it opened, there was a theft overnight, and almost every single thing in the building was stolen - computers and carpets and even tables and chairs!
  • The first Director, Academic Director, Housing Director, and Happiness Director were all the same person.
  • In January of 1991, NESE moved to its current location in Harvard Square - we had only 3 classrooms at that time.
  • There have been a number of marriages between NESE students.
  • There have been a number of marriages between NESE students and teachers.
  • After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the subsequent visa difficulties, the number of students at NESE dropped dramatically.
  • NESE has corrected approximately 300,000 final exams.
  • Students from over 100 countries including Bhutan, Nigeria, Tibet, and Martinique have attended NESE.
  • Some employees have been with NESE for over 18 years, and several have held more than one position at the school.
  • NESE is now considered one of the best and most respected language schools in the world.
  • Some NESE students have been famous: prominent politicians, actors, musicians, and scientists, as well as leaders in law, business, and medicine - and actually a former Miss Universe. Some NESE students have been NESE scholarship students: cleaners, janitors, cashiers, and refugees. All NESE students have been lovely.

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