NESE Celebrates Harvard Heroes 2019

What an Opportunity!


NESE's brilliant Open Talk Club leader, Samuel Odamah, is a Harvard Hero. Because of this, he is permitted to invite a few friends to attend the Harvard Hero ceremony and reception that is held each year - at Harvard of course.


However because the ceremony is an invitation only event, Samuel can only take a handful of Open Talk Club participants. Usually, if they arrive on time, the students have an opportunity to sit in the beautiful Sanders Theater and watch the President of Harvard read the award citations of about 51 Harvard Heroes.














After the ceremony, Samuel takes the NESE group to Annenburg Hall for an amazing reception with Harvard staff. Access to Annenburg Hall is restricted most of the year, as the space is used as a Harvard College freshman cafeteria. Given this, Samuel uses this window of opportunity to invite NESE and other Harvard friends to see this magnificent and inspirational space on this one special day. Simply, it is a time for all involved to be inspired - and as always, we are inspired by what Samuel does for NESE students.


Thank you Samuel!

June 20th, 2019

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