Harvard Presentation at NESE!

NESE is very pleased to announce that Harvard students will be presenting a 2-part brown-bag* workshop at NESE. Although the title of the workshop is “Applying to Colleges in the United States”, attendance at this workshop means that all “students” of all ages will have an opportunity to hear English spoken by native speakers and

have the opportunity to ask current Harvard students about their experiences. (It is not necessary to attend both workshops, but it is obviously more beneficial if you do - and you will hear more English spoken by native speakers!)

  • When:
  • Wednesday, August 3rd from 12:45 to 1:45
  • Wednesday, August 10th from 12:45 to 1:45
  • Where:
  • The NESE Student Lounge
  • Cost:
  • Free to NESE Students

Please sign up at the front desk.

*This means to bring your lunch and plan to eat it during the workshop.

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