The NESE News: April, 2020

April 16, 2020


We hope that you are all doing well during this difficult time. As you all probably know, NESE, Harvard Square, just as all schools and non-essential businesses in Massachusetts, was legally required to close approximately 4 weeks ago. In fact, the entire Garage building at 36 John F. Kennedy Street (NESE’s location) that you all know so well, has been completely shut down and locked up (two idioms for you - one with “down” and one with “up”).


All the classes that you took while you attended NESE have now been moved online, and in addition to the students who have stayed in Boston, we are delighted to say that students in various parts of the world are “attending” NESE from their homes. Although we are very happy that we are able to teach students that we couldn’t reach before, we miss the hustle and bustle of NESE, Harvard Square, and we look forward to the day, when we can return to our daily routines - such as riding those blue elevators to the third floor, hanging out in the student lounges - and we were going to say, “getting coffee in Starbucks downstairs”, but Starbucks moved out of the garage building in February, 2019!


















 As we all settle into this new, albeit (what a nice vocabulary word!) temporary, reality, we thought you might enjoy “a walk down memory lane”:


1. Looking out of a NESE window towards the park that is located diagonally across from NESE:


2. The empty main NESE computer lab:


3. Longfellow Bridge with Boston on the left and Cambridge on the right:


4. And for something just a little different, the most visited museum in the United States, The National Air and Space Museum:


Until next time, we hope that you all keep safe, and we send you our very best,


The NESE News Team





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